Dreaming in Seattle: Day One

It’s overcast and rainy, and I am feeling a little gloomy as this is the last time I will see Seattle for awhile. It has been a fun-filled three days of self-discovery and also, discovering a city that spoke to me in the same language I understood: exceptionally good coffee and rain.

I’d like to call the experience as “organized impulse.” I was winging on a schedule, and while this sounds like an irony in all forms; it engulfed me with the slow but drastic change I needed. Circumstances lead me to completely wanting to find solace, and what better way than to find it in a solo adventure?

I was simmering on the idea of a solo trip for awhile now but never really had the guts to do so. I’m not unfamiliar with going out to places alone, but never farther than my city of course. A conversation with one of my closest friends lead to the suggestion of maybe starting it on with a smaller city. I planned the trip two months prior, and I was on different travel websites most of the time. Trip Advisor was my go-to, and then unexpectedly, Pinterest.

And soon enough, with wide eyes and a carry-on, I was on a three hour flight from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Day One: Traveling from SEA-TAC, and why the Seattle City Pass was well worth it.

I got a morning flight, and by noon I was already situated in a hotel ten minutes away from the Space Needle. Strategically, I wanted the hotel to be near the places I wanted to visit— which I think is an important decision in any travels, but especially if you are to travel alone. I’ve decided that my main source of transportation would be through the convenience of a ride-share app. Now it’s not exactly the most cost-efficient option since Seattle have an extensive train, buses and tram system for a fraction of a price. You can definitely get from the airport to downtown via train in 40 minutes, and surely it will give you an immersive view if the city is new to you. I was in crunch of time since my planned solo travel only will span for three days and two nights, so I opted for the faster way to get to places— but when I visit again, I’d definitely look into public transportation. That being said, I was able to get to the hotel in less than 20 minutes with moderate traffic.

My second means of transportation would be walking. Seattle is a perfect destination if you plan to walk to places, as everything is so close by. However, proceed with caution as you would any other places: I tried to research as much to make sure that the streets I will be taking are not isolated.

First Stop: Space Needle. My first and quintessential destination was the Space Needle. It was an easy walk from the hotel, the weather was sunny and breezy. I was able to go to visit the Space Needle twice through the Seattle City Pass (plus two more fun attractions) – once in the morning and once at night. Visitors where provided with a sweeping view of Seattle’s skyline, and I was blessed with a clear day too– from a distance you can see Mt. Rainier, snow-capped and majestic. All the neighborhoods surrounding Seattle looked picturesque, with water views surrounding the city.

There’s also a coffee shop atop the Space Needle, so I leisurely sipped on my Caramel Macchiato while taking in how beautiful Seattle is.

Second Stop: The Museum of Pop. If you’re a music lover, I highly recommend visiting! The Museum of Pop was both entertaining and interactive. They have different exhibitions and galleries of historic musicians, music derived from movies and televisions, different instruments you can play with, and my favorite– a huge hall where they play music videos in surround sound.

Girl Crush by Little Big Town was playing at the time of my visit and I stood there mesmerized.

Third Stop: Chihuly Glass Museum. If you were to miss anything from a Seattle trip, NEVER miss the chance to see Dale Chihuly’s talent and artistry through his glass art. The glass garden is a couple of minutes away from both Museum of Pop and Space Needle, but it sure felt like an entirely different dimension.

The garden is amazing– flora and fauna entirely made with glass that were tempered intricately. The colors and detail in each exhibition were beyond beautiful– pictures and words won’t do it justice! This has got to be one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been at.

The Pink Door

Last Stop for Day One: The Pink Door at Pike Place.

It was truly a fun-filled day for me, and I knew exactly how to cap it off. Weeks before my trip, I made a reservation at The Pink Door after days of research for Seattle’s must-try restaurants.

The Pink Door is exactly that– a quaint restaurant nestled in Post Alley, with a pale pink door. It was almost easy to miss, but since I’ve been eyeing their food weeks before my visit, I knew exactly where to find it! Upon entering, you will have to descend the stairs to the main dining room, and if there was anything at all that speaks intimate to me, it was the Pink Door’s wooden interior, ambient lights, votives and Italian decor.

I’ve always loved Italian food, and their food was SO good that you best believe I went back for it on my last day (which I will share on my upcoming posts!).

I ordered their Linguine Alle Vongole and paired it with a caramel Italian cream soda. The linguine was mouthwatering– baby clams in the shell, cooked with garlic, pancetta, chilis and white wine. Just reminiscing how divine it was makes me crave for it!

One of the standouts about The Pink Door is that they offer entertainment while you dine. At the night of my visit, there was an Aerialist show and I had a tarot reading too! The Aerialist had three acts, and while you can’t film the show, each of the act provided an ethereal ambiance for the whole restaurant.

I had the tarot reading before my dinner, and it was also one of the activities I looked forward to for the whole trip. Eugenia Van Vliet was my reader, an old sweet lady who provided me with so much insight, clarity and motivation!

The Pink Door was the perfect last stop for my Day One in Seattle. I was able to visit the main tourist attractions in one afternoon, in my own time. Days two and three are also fun-filled for me, which warrants them their own blog entries.

This first post has now been a lengthy one, but I hope you enjoyed and if you haven’t tried solo traveling yet, I hope this piques your interest!

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