Dreaming in Seattle: Day Two, Pike Market

I hopped out of my Lyft and on to the pebble streets of Pike. It was starting to drizzle at nine in the morning, and I’ve never felt as energetic at that hour as I did back then.

The stores and stalls were just setting up, and I had a long list of places to see and food to try. I skipped the complimentary breakfast at the hotel because I knew I wanted to start my second day at Seattle with a visit at the first Starbucks & a Salmon Pate from Piroshky Piroshky.

The First Starbucks Store – history says that this actually is the second location, the very first shop was opened a couple blocks down!

Piroshky Piroshky sells delectable Russian pastries– which you can choose from a variety of fillings! I opted for Salmon Pate which was incredibly scrumptious and made for a breakfast I can enjoy as I start my way to the farmer’s market.

It was also a Tuesday early morning, which allowed me to experience the market at a quiet hour. There wasn’t a lot of people yet, but that surely turned around quickly by lunch time!

I then went off to the market itself, and things you can not miss: the famous fish throw, Rachel the Pig, the fresh flower stalls, the incredible produce & more small shops where you can get local products!

A couple of shops I invite you to visit:

  • Market Spice – tea has been a part of my night routine, and this shop offers a wide range of tea blends that are perfect to take home! I got a few packets of different flavors and have been enjoying it! Two of my favorite blends: Cinnamon-Orange and Huckleberry tea!
  • All Things Lavender – I love the calming properties of Lavender, and this shop sells everything lavender! From body care, to eye masks and even lavender-infused popcorn!
  • Moon Valley Organics – A shop that offers organic skin care, from handmade soaps to lotion melts!
  • Solstice Designs – If you are a lover of dainty jewelry and gemstones, this needs to be one of your destinations! I have always been interested with the meanings behind gemstones– I got myself a Smokey Quartz necklace which Smokey Quartz is known for its grounding and balancing properties that is vital to your root chakra.

I had lunch at the Pike Place Chowder, and true as reviews say: the store was brimming with people, but the chowder is truly a must-try! I got the New England chowder and the Seafood Bisque– which both were delicious, creamy, and very much comforting amidst the cold weather!

By the afternoon, I have spent leisure time going through majority of the shops and stalls that I was ready to take a pause; Pike Place is a lot of fun with its charming shops but it does require a whole lot of walking too. Fortunately, Seattle is coffee shop central and there are a lot of independent coffee places, one of them is Storyville Coffee:

Storyville Coffee welcomes you with its dark wood interiors, comfortable seating area, a sleek coffee bar, and a free mug if you sign up for their newsletter. I had a mocha with their famous coconut-cashew milk, and it’s definitely one of the richer tasting mochas I’ve tried!

The coffee shop was my last stop at Pike Place Market, and it was already late in the afternoon when I left to a few more places I wanted to visit; but needles to say, I fell in love with the market!

Working on these Seattle travel entries brings me back to a cozy memory, as I scroll through the pictures and remind myself of the story behind it. Pike Market definitely is a must-see when you go to Seattle, and it is an adventure within itself.

Read my full day one here.

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