First of June

My sweet coworkers surprised me with my favorite cake from Portos! Strawberries & Cream. And in case you are wondering I do have two first names and I go by Donna at work.

Hello world! I’d like to take a moment and quickly publish a birthday entry- June 1st is my birthday and this year, I turned 30.

I had a conversation with one of my friends about how turning 30 feels like, and I never really given it much thought until that last week of me being 29. And if I am being honest, as this is my day one being 30, I still don’t know how I feel about it! It’s like you know you’re old but you don’t feel any different from how you were in your twenties– and that’s an entire confusion on its own because you don’t know if that’s good or bad; but I’ve decided coming up to this day with a realization:

Life is not age-specific in a sense that it does not follow a timeline strictly based on your age, I believe. And I think it’s good to see age this way because it makes you realize that it’s okay that you’re not married at 30, unlike how society expects you to be. It’s okay that you’re in between career changes and do not have life figured out to a T. Your page “30” does not have to be the same as another’s, and that’s okay. You’re learning, you’re thriving, you’re discovering. Trust that life unravels on its perfect timing.

I did make a Thirty While Thirty list — because I treat my birthday like New Year’s where I start goal-setting. It’s a fun way to keep myself focused and grounded.

Now to festivities…

This birthday has got to be the simplest I’ve had! I really didn’t have anything planned– and that’s on purpose. My dad and I just went to my favorite mall, The Irvine Spectrum, and walked around and had coffee.

I’ve honestly been spending a lot of quiet time, enjoying the present and the simple things; and just finding peace in my every day.

My friends are so sweet for understanding that I didn’t want a major party– my friends and my family are celebrations in themselves that I’m incredibly grateful everyday; and most especially grateful that they are standing by me through the years leading up to today where my anxiety is at all time high.

Not to mention that I actually gotten sick today too, after walking around I got a really bad cold allergy that I had to cancel my birthday dinner with both my parents! So we just went home and my dad prepared my favorite pasta dish, and I sent myself to bed early with a cup of tea.

I will be working on the remainder of my Seattle trip, and if I feel better, my simple “little things” birthday celebration shall commence tomorrow!

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