Dreaming of Seattle: Sea Otters, Books, and the Starbucks Reserve.

Quite another lengthy read, but I’d like to share more of what I loved and will come back for in Seattle…

I went to Seattle with a running list of places, food and coffee shops to discover. I’ve done touristy on day one, and spent a whole morning at Pike Place for day two– and by afternoon, I was ready to venture out to more coffee shops, the Seattle Aquarium, a quaint bookstore, and a side trip to the Seattle Public Library.

The Seattle Aquarium was my next stop from Pike Place, and it is also a part of the Seattle City Pass. Take a couple of flights down the Pike Street Hillclimb, on to Alaskan Way, and you’ll find yourself by the waterfront where more shops and restaurants are located, and of course, the Seattle Aquarium. You also won’t miss the Seattle Great Wheel by the pier!

I took my time with each exhibition at the Seattle aquarium, got up close with a giant pacific octopus, and even got to see a sea otter show!

I’ve always enjoyed aquariums and like most, the Seattle Aquarium is interactive and self-guided, a fun way to learn more about the local sea-life at your own pace.

After the aquarium, I took a much-welcomed detour to the Seattle Public Library. I initially wanted to see Kerry Park or Gaslamp but it started raining, so a friend suggested that I visit the library instead. After about two pictures of how aesthetically mesmerizing the building was, I knew I had to go. Allow the pictures to talk:

The Seattle Public Library is as enthralling inside as its exterior. Modern with its floor to ceiling windows, open floor space with abundant seating and desks, rows and rows of books– and eleven floors of it. Quite distinctively, it is a destination of its own.

I spent some downtime browsing through books before I ventured out to another bookstore at trendy Capitol Hill, The Elliott Bay Book Company.

While the Seattle Public Library is monumental, Elliott Bay Book Co. is quaint– light wood floors, high ceilings with exposed beams, and a sprawling array of books with a touch that sets this bookstore apart: commentaries and suggestions, and even lines from the book themselves; handwritten and tucked under the displays.

I spent some time nestled in a corner with a book I purchased. It felt cozy to be tucked away in a serene place, around literature that speaks to understand. I think that is why I find joy in places like bookstores, there’s always something profound with finding a quiet time nourishing your mind.

By dinner time, I took off to a coffee shop that is high on my list: The Starbucks Reserve and Roastery! I opted to walk from Elliott Bay Book Co., as Starbucks is only a couple of miles away.

Unlike your neighborhood Starbucks, Starbucks Reserve offers specialty coffee, coffee cocktails, a widely scrumptious selection of food and even a tasting room. The interior is also different, an upscale combination of glossy wood, chrome, natural lighting, and high-ceilings.

I really enjoyed the ambiance at the reserve, I got myself a rich cup of dark mocha with oat milk and a prosciutto with artichokes flat bread.

Solo Travel Take-Away: I thought about trying a restaurant for dinner, but this experience felt more like a natural decision I would’ve made anyway! Dining out solo to a proper restaurant is not unfamiliar to me, and it shouldn’t be to you too if you haven’t tried. Contrary to what it looks like, restaurants are just as welcoming to a customer who says party for one as they are to a party of more! It does look quite misplaced if you haven’t done it yet, so I always suggest that coffee shops are a good dipping pool for when you want to try taking yourself out to a solo adventure.

After dinner, I went back to my hotel to recuperate. I definitely had a full schedule for day two but I wouldn’t have it any other way– another beauty of solo traveling is that you can decide where you want to go, what you want to do, and what you don’t want to do. As basic as my hotel was, it did feel luxurious to call it a night whenever I wanted to– I snuggled in bed with my new book and a camera full of memories!

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for your time! I will be working on with the third and last day of my Seattle Solo adventure soon.

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