June Favorites and July Goal Setting

It has been exactly one month since I last created an entry– ever since vacation ended, school and work have sent me to a whirlwind! I have not been very vocal about the fact that I actually started school again, but it truly is one of the biggest goals I have on top of my list for years. I am glad to say that I have finally taken that step and while I’m only on my very first subject for the summer session, the experience have definitely been creating a perspective that I needed.

With that, I felt like this blog have quickly taken the backseat within the first month of me attempting to build it. I still have the last of Seattle’s Solo Trip pending, and I also have a running list of topics I want to incorporate into my blog. I am definitely working on allocating time to create entries, even maybe one a week– which isn’t saying a lot for now, but this space truly is important for me– and creative breaks are very much needed amidst the myriad of due dates and work I am catching on.

One of the blog ideas I have is a monthly favorites. I love watching beauty videos and monthly favorites are always the most entertaining for me. I figured that since I do use a lot of beauty products every month, it would be fun to round up last month’s beauty finds (and even lifestyle finds), and share them here (titles with underlines are clickable links!):

Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette

This product has been around for a long time, and for good reasons too! The contour palette has six pans of light and dark shaping powders to help brighten & create contours for your face makeup. I’ve been loving the yellow shade in this palette to set my concealer and brighten my under eyes, and the middle neutral brown powder to contour my cheeks and nose!

Round Bags

Here & there I will be including some fashion favorites and this round bag will be the first. I have two more made with rattan, a style that is very fitting for the summer. I just love the color of this mustard purse, and what’s even better? I actually found this at Ross for $10.00! I love the gold chain detail, and this actually holds a lot. The bottom is also flat so it stands on its own.

Diptyque Eau De Minthe Perfume

I’m pretty picky with my scents and I don’t change perfumes very often– that being said, my favorite perfume brand is Diptyque, and my favorite scent of ALL time is their L’ombre Dans L’eau. I consider it my signature scent!

So this June, Diptyque had a pop-up shop at The Grove; and they also released this new perfume, Eau De Minthe. Diptyque’s perfume story uses if not all, the parts of the plant when making their scents. The perfume is made with notes of Cascade mint, geranium, patchouli and rose oxide. It lends a unique and refreshing minty scent. It reminds me of a men’s perfume, one that you just cannot stop sniffing!

Hourglass Caution Mascara

I’m never without a mascara, and this has got to be one of the best out there. It’s buildable, it makes your lashes long and fluffy, and the best part? It’s not a pain to take off despite the fact that it is not marketed as waterproof. Little story, I actually went to a cycling class wearing this and it did not budge. Get it.

Wet N Wild Megaglo Baton De Maquillage Contour stick in 806 Where’s Walnut?

I know, long name, BUT if you ever visit a drugstore, make sure to not pass this up. For less than $5 you get a creamy, blendable contour stick that’s easy to use, and makes for a very good base for contour. I use it to shape my nose, my cheeks and even, as a wash of color on my lids!

Dove Overnight Dry Skin Relief Face Cream

This face cream truly is skin-saving for me! Over the last few months, my eczema have flared outrageously on my body (which I have a body oil prescribed by my dermatologist); and while I don’t ever had flares on my face, I noticed that I had extreme dryness on my chin area. I don’t know if it’s also an onset of eczema but I don’t discount it since I’m diagnosed with it anyway; so I just make sure to keep my face and body hydrated at all times.

I’ve tried a lot of face creams and I kid you not, only this worked to cancel out the dryness on my chin! This face cream feels luxurious and moisturizing but never greasy. It absorbs incredibly well that this even sits well under foundation.

Rose Chocolat Hand Cream from Urban Outfitters

Not only is this a good hand moisturizer, this smells so good you have to go in to an Urban Outfitters to try it!

Makeup Forever Artists Nude Lip Creme

If you’re getting anything from my list, this is the one thing I suggest you get first. I love nude lip products and this has got to be the range with the most flattering shades for all skin types! It’s creamy, demi-matte, never drying. It gives you an illusion of fuller lips and it’s a lovely everyday lipstick shade. I have two shades, Touch and Exposed, and I use them interchangeably. I also pair this with Makeup Forever’s lip pencils (which are my favorite too).

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer

If you’re looking for a hydrating face primer that also provides an illusion of brighter skin, try this one out. I’ve been using it every single time I wear makeup, and my foundation sits comfortably on it.

Glossier Generation G Sheer Lipsticks

Glossier is a company that is geared towards natural-looking makeup, perfect for those who likes to wear less makeup & for enhancing your natural features. I’m more of a full-coverage girl, so while I have not tried their bases, I am in love with these lipsticks! It’s a perfect throw-in-your-purse lip product, it provides you with a light wash of color and just makes your lips look healthier. It’s matte but not drying!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder

This pressed powder is SO finely milled that when applied, it makes your skin look flawless, hence the name. I love using this to set my foundation and to touch up during the day. It’s a light powder but it does the job of taking away the shine, and it provides a smooth base for the other powders you apply after it.

MAC Prep & Prime Lip Balm

If you like liquid lipsticks, this makes for a good lip primer. Liquid lipsticks are beautiful but I’m not very fond of them because I have not found one that does not dry my lips out, but upon discovering this balm, I can now wear my liquid lip products comfortably! It provides a moisturizing base and makes the application smoother.


If you’ve reached this part, thank you for going through my long list of monthly faves! I just realized later on during this writing process that it might be easier to narrow it to a quick five items, and that I should work on a better product placement; but it’s all about learning right?

I think that a consistent theme for me these past few months has been learning. Aside from school, I’m beginning to learn about what’s more important for me, and what I need to let go of. I think that’s why I have a certain fondness for new starts like new year’s or new months starting– it gives you a feeling of a clean slate, it (hopefully) reminds you to goal-set.

I like to take the first week of the month to fill up my planner, to reflect on what I went through previously. If there’s anything I learned specifically the last few months– it’s realizing that anything that costs you your peace is not worth it. Negate yourself from any relationships, friendships; any environment that only creates drama and toxicity; and sometimes, it’s your mind too.

Anytime is a good time to tune inwards and check on how your mind health is doing– is it thriving? Is it in a dark place? Is it wallowing on the past? Then take action, and never be afraid to cut out the things that take you away from your goals.

This month I plan to just focus on me, my schoolwork, my health and my career. If you see less of me, just know that I’m choosing to be more productive and proactive with my time, detaching from the things that held me back, and turning myself to better relationships and a better mindset. 🙂

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