Self-care September

There is a constant part of me that yearns to get away and immerse myself in nature– where I can always find beauty, wonder, wisdom and healing.

It has been a trying month and a lot has happened that has shifted my mind set- if you see me one of these days, I’ll always start the conversation on my increasing need to reset my life.

There’s no doubt that this need for a change stemmed out of the anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty that has been building walls around my mind– but I have come to a realization that no one can fix me, but me. My mindset is how I choose to respond; the way I care for my life is how I nurture my passions; the way that I live is how I choose to show up for myself.

If no one has told you yet, material things will never genuinely make you happy. It will never be sufficient. Materiality is dispensable.

It is true what they say– there’s so much happiness when we start being grateful of what we already have and when we start to acknowledge and care for what really is important: family, friends, relationships, experiences, time, self-love, passion, peace within and around you. It has been an ongoing mantra I have; if it costs you your peace, it’s not worth it.

This September, I am dedicating my time fueling this idea I have in my mind: there’s so much to life than what the voices in your head tell you. The Universe is beautiful and powerful, and you being a part of it means that you are, too, beautiful and powerful.

I will be dedicating the whole month to a lot of self-care activities I have always thought of doing but didn’t: yoga, meditation, gratitude journal, manifestation.

When something in you sparks that motivation to better your life, fuel it with the utmost energy you can muster; it is the Universe telling you that the life you yearn for is one you can create.

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