As the clock turned to midnight and the first minute of 2020 came about, I sat on the floor in silence. The smoke of Palo Santo filled the room, and I tuned into my breathing. Deep breaths, followed by long exhales, it felt like I was letting go of something heavy. 2019 was over, and I meditated in gratitude.

I welcomed the New Year with meditation, journaling and a couple of card readings. This has been a way for me to clear my mind, set my intentions and tune into my intuition. I always share my affinity for these activities, it just has been a personal platform that made me more present, more grateful.

I am grateful that I learned about people, friendships, relationships. Oprah Winfrey once said, we attract the energy we are open to tolerate– now we know better, we do better. It rang true to me as I look back on the situations I allowed to materialize; there were more times that I was stretched out to a breaking point; I was open for the taking, and I was apologetic for being honest with my feelings— regardless if it was an expression of love, or of confrontation, or of hurt.

Things 2019 have taught me:

  • Be unapologetic for choosing to leave and detach from people, relationships, friendships and situations that cost your peace.
  • We attract the energy we give and the energy we are willing to tolerate.
  • Meditation is healing, and so is gratitude.
  • Your intuition is always right. Follow it.
  • The Universe aligns you to people and experiences you need for your growth. Trust that everything is in perfect timing.

It is true that when you pray for courage, or strength, or happiness; you are going to be posed into a situation where you have to make it yourself. And regardless of how these situations made me feel at the moment, I am grateful for the people who showed up for me, and for the countless moments I took a deep breath and show up for myself.

The last year have really changed my outlook in life. I was broken, so I can break from my old habits, my comfort zones, people and situations that do not radiate in the energy I thrive in.

This year, I am looking forward to a new year of more self-exploration and dedication to my craft and my goals. I have already mapped out a list of my plans this year; and I have never felt more clarity than I do now, about the things that are important to me. (And working on this blog is on the top of the list!)

So here’s to a new year ahead, I am already thankful for what it has in store for me! 🙂

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