Little Things

My mind is full of anxious thoughts as this pandemic becomes heightened each waking day– health, job security, the oncoming months; it feels like being casted naked into the unknown, battling the unseen.

Numerous people have asked me if I am worried, and I do admit to the reality that I am; of which I know the world feels the same. I am not worried for myself– I am constantly worried for my parents, being at their old age with underlying conditions, and still going out there to work. I am worried about the fact that people can be out and about; unknowingly and spreading it. I am worried for my friends affected by business closures.

However, worry really does not benefit anyone; we have to be proactive instead of being reactive, and as much as we give effort into hand-washing and all the physical steps we can take to be cautious, and aware– this is the best time to take care of our mind health. Stress and worry weakens our immune systems, and this is NOT the time to let the stress takeover you.

In my efforts to recenter myself and get control of my anxiety, I’ve decided to list little things to guide me through, and I am taking it upon myself to:

Be Thankful

There is a reason why all people who say that they start the day with gratitude are successful. Gratitude brings you to a gratitious wavelength. I believe it is beneficial, especially in these trying times, to be thankful for the little things. Write it down, proactively start your day a little better than yesterday.

I am thankful for my job, and my health. While I do not get to work from home, I am thankful to be going to work everyday. I am thankful for my parents, I am thankful for the food and the comforts of our home.

Practice Mindfulness: Meditation and Yoga

Find a way of movement that centers you. Personally, I love meditation and yoga. It has been a foolproof way to quiet my mind and relieve the day’s stress. When I meditate and when I do yoga, I focus on my breathing; I am aware of my body, my mind is present.

A quick way to get into meditation is through a meditation app. I use Headspace, and I complete a 10-minute meditation in the mornings and at night.

When life is stressful, we tend to keep our thoughts in either two places: the past and the future. Remind yourself to be fully present, and take it day by day.

Re-evaluate what you put into your body

This is the time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. The food and habits you consume and the ways you treat your body are preventative measures you can make to take care of you health.

It has been a real treat learning about the benefits of a healthy diet, and the efficacy of natural remedies when treated as part of your daily food/drink intake. Start small, and be mindful about it.

My night routine includes a hot cup of ginger-turmeric tea. Boil fresh ginger, and use the liquid to steep your tea bags; preferably a turmeric blend if you can find it. Both are anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy.

Create a Routine

Whether you’re quarantined at home or not, any life change can throw you off what feels “normal” and out of the curve, this is why I am a big believer of creating a routine.

It does not have to be 10 steps, neither does it have to be boring. You should realize that creating a routine is a powerful tool to regain control over your day. It’s your routine, your rules. Whether that means waking up an hour early or cutting down decision-making at night.

I’m an avid listener of wellness podcasts, where successful people talk about their routines. I am currently curating a morning and night routine, and when I have it down to pat; I will definitely share it!


This is a challenge I am taking upon myself. I have never been an active person, and I am so inconsistent with working out; but studies show that working out regulates your stress levels!

The beauty with media right now is that home workouts are widely available. There are a ton on YouTube, even a lot that does not require equipments!


Declutter your home: this is a PRIME time to clean up (and disinfect) your home. I’ve always loved cleaning and keeping a tidy space, it truly is good for your mind health! Let go of things that you no longer use, be mindful of what you bring into your place. Surround yourself with things you love and things you use, and clear your space (and your mind) of things that no longer serve you.


And handwrite it. Plan for the month, the next– however far you want. Plan your days, plan your finances, be smart about it.

I honestly feel like I’ve been thrown into more “growing up” with the recent events. As much as I wished I was more prepared to handle crisis, I am not– but I am reminding myself to again be proactive, and take this as a wake up call. Be specific with planning, start an emergency fund, get an annual health check up, get your finances in order.

There is a method I learned from watching wellness videos, called LifeAdmin by Muchelleb. All the to-dos, big and small, jot them all down; and designate when you’re going to accomplish them. Whether that means filing your taxes, or getting an oil change.

Plan to break the big goals into action plans; and remind yourself WHY you are hustling everyday– especially when life gets extremely busy.

Lastly, pamper yourself.

Do the things you love, show gratitude to your body and your mind. The toughest times usually serve as a reminder for us to be kindest to ourselves.

However that speaks to you– I personally LOVE self-care days. I do a whole spa-like routine at home, and I don’t often get to do it. Read books, cook, learn a new hobby.

These are just a few things, it all sound like small steps but I know that it will anchor me to a clearer, more positive mindset– especially in times like these where there seem to be risk at every angle of life; your thoughts will navigate your actions and your actions will determine how you cope; and overcome– whatever it is that comes next.

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